About Game Thanos

Game Thanos is a leading technical service company.

At the heart of Game Thanos’ethos are unprecedented technology, premium quality, and extraordinary service. Through sustainable corporate management initiatives, Game Thanos delivers outstanding innovations in its unending pursuit of excellence.


Video Game Publishing –
A global video game publisher with over 20 years of experience across the industry. Products are hand-picked by our industry professional team for our customers to enjoy.
Advertisement Marketing –
Specialising in the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets, Game Thanos delivers in-depth understanding and marketing for these localized markets, offering the very best in marketing and promotional campaigns.
Mobile App Development –
Game Thanos provides any and all developmental and technological resources that are required for app development, operation, and distribution.
Art & Design –
With connections to the most spectacular art resources, from game design to marketing content to video creation, Game Thanos delivers the full package for any client.

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